What Does Cat Spray Smell Like? Cat Spray Vs Urination Smell! (Cat Marking Information) - Cat Spraying Tricks

Are you wondering what cat spray smells like? Knowing what cat spray smells like and how to distinguish it from urination is going to be extremely helpful for cat owners. In short, the main difference between the two is that cat spray has a more intense smell.

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  • 0:22 - What Does Cat Spray Smell Like?
  • 0:46 - What Does Male Cat Spray Smell Like?
  • 1:23 - What Does Female Cat Spray Smell Like?
  • 1:58 - What Does Cat Spray With Blood Smell Like?

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  • 2:18 - Smells That Can Be Mistaken With Cat Spray
  • 3:41 - Why Does Cat Spray Smell Bad?
  • 4:03 - Why Is Cat Spray More Intense Than Urine?
  • 4:29 - Recap