Why is Senior Cat Peeing Everywhere And What You Need to Do?

by Ashley Arlert

If you have a senior cat peeing everywhere, you are probably wondering why is it doing that? After all he loves to spend time outside. As much as humans enjoy going out to the pool and soaking up some sun on a hot day, your feline does not. Why is he suddenly doing it?

The Reasons Why Your Senior Cat Peeing Everywhere

There are several possible reasons why an elderly cat suddenly poops where he was always going. Some of these reasons may be more serious than others. The first thing that you need to do is to calm down. Stress can play havoc on cats. Your senior cat urine may be due to stress so try to find out what is causing it and take steps to relieve your cat's anxiety.

Urinary tract infections are one common cause for why senior cat peeing anywhere. This disease happens in cats that are more than a decade old. A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria in the bladder gets out of control. When the bacteria cannot be treated, they begin to multiply which causes the cat to start having accidents. An easy way to tell if your cat has a urinary tract infection is if they are urinating blood.

If your cat is not normally so active, he could be suffering from another illness. Cats can get sick just like people. A common illness for cats is urinary tract infection. If your cat suddenly starts acting differently or has blood in their urine, you should take them to the veterinarian. If you give your cat a prescription for antibiotics, they will not only treat the symptoms of their UTI but will also help fight off any future ones they may get.

Older cats may have kidney problems. If your cat is urinating blood and not using the litter box, they may have some type of kidney problem. If this is the case, you need to buy them a new litter box. There are many different types of litter boxes on the market today. Some have special channels to hold cat urine that prevents it from spilling out into the box.

If your cat seems to be losing a lot of weight, this could be due to them not being active enough. Cats gain weight for a variety of reasons. It could be because they aren't as hungry as they once were. It could be because they eat less because they are older and need to burn off that energy. Caring for your cat can become very expensive if they continue to lose weight and they are no longer able to use the litter boxes.

Some cats may pee on furniture in the home or outside. Some may even urinate on their food bowl. Cats urinate in inappropriate places for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include: they aren't feeling well, they are sick, or they have a bladder infection. Most of these issues you can fix easily by visiting to the vet, but it's always better to catch an issue early before it becomes serious.

Cats are loving pets that make wonderful additions to any family. Senior cats may have some behaviors that start to change with age. This may include them peeing outside the litter box. Many times this happens because of stress. Asking your veterinarian for advice on how to care for your aging cat will go a long way in easing any frustrations you have with their behavior.

Things to Consider If Your Senior Cat Peeing Everywhere

If you have any questions about why your cat is urinating outside, the best place to go is to your vet. They can run tests and help you find the reason behind it. In many cases, they will treat the problem as a medical problem with no need for you to do anything at all. If your cat has medical problems, you should discuss them with your vet to make sure nothing is overlooked.

If your cat starts to pee inside the house, you may want to consider buying an outside cat litter box for your senior cat. They allow your cat to have access to the outdoors while still giving them privacy. Many older cats urinate inappropriately litter box just because they feel like they don't have anywhere else to go. Having an outdoor litter box gives them a place they can call their own where they can let off their worries.

It is not uncommon for older cats to develop urinary tract infections. When this happens, they will often need antibiotics in order to get relief. Antibiotics are commonly used to treat urinary tract infection, but they also have the ability to kill bacteria. This means that if your cat suddenly peeing outside in the house, they may have a urinary tract infection. Talk to your vet about this so they can make an accurate diagnosis and give you the proper antibiotic treatment. Read my Cat Spraying No More review here to help you stop a cat from spraying in the house outside the litter bow.