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This time we will see Cat Spraying Problems, 4 Questions Answered. Whether you've had experience with cat spraying problems or not it is not unusual for you, the cat owner, to ask several questions including the following:

  • What is spray?
  • Why does he or she spray?
  • Do both the male and female spray?
  • How does an owner stop the spraying?

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What is spray?

"Cat spray" is a small amount of concentrated urine that a cat sprays on objects to mark their territory. It is very common in cats that reach their sexual maturity before being neutered.

Why does he or she spray?

There are several reasons. Spraying can be territorial marking so there is a greater chance of cat spraying problems in houses with multiple cats. It is also a form of communication between cats during mating season because of the pheromones produced. Another reason is because of ordinary stress.

Do both the male and female spray?

Yes. Territory marking is more common in male cats but all cats, spayed, neutered or not can spray.

How does an owner stop the spraying?

Most cats stop on their own. This all depends on the circumstances and if you don't know what they are you may have use process of elimination. Only 13% of male cats continue to spray after they've been castrated. In extreme circumstances veterinarians have prescribed anti-anxiety medications like Valium but this tends to turn cats lifeless and without personality so this should only be used if you've tried EVERYTHING first.

As I stated, the most important factor is determining why the cat is spraying before trying to solve the cat spraying problem. Taking the time to understand will lead to a quicker solution, a cleaner house and a healthier and happier cat.

Even if the spraying is not a medical problem it doesn't stop owners from taking their cat to the vet out of confusion. If you need more information or want a definitive solution for Cat Spraying, you can visit my website.